Tutoring Center vs. Private Tutor: Which Is Best for Your Child?

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Tiffany Smith

Pick the perfect tutoring option for your child with this helpful list.

While the decision whether to seek supplementary tutoring for your child can be a daunting one, there are still many choices following that decision, namely in whether to seek a private tutor or center-based option.

Each offers its own separate set of strengths and weaknesses, and oftentimes the choice between the two is determined by your child's needs and your financial situation. As with any service, such as going through a private mechanic versus a dealership service station, there is a balance when it comes to finding personal attention and cost-effectiveness in tutoring. You need to determine which is the best fit by considering every angle before making the big decision.

Tutoring Center


Tutors are highly trained and qualified: Tutors employed by tutoring centers are selectively chosen based on their expertise and training, and generally possess a great deal of knowledge in their field. Dr. Alicia Holland-Johnson, author of Becoming A Better Tutor and a tutor consultant, says that many tutors at centers have higher degrees and more experience tutoring, which is what truly matters. "The more experience the tutor has will be the first [thing to look at]," says Holland-Johnson.  Tutoring centers are well-stocked with textbooks and materials: Each center typically has its own curriculum, with corresponding worksheets and books for tutors and their students. Centers spend a lot of time and money creating learning materials and books proven to help students, while private tutors are more likely to plan as they go.

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