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     Being able to read is the foundation for virtually all subjects in school as well as in the adult workforce.  If one cannot read, how is he/she expected to complete science or history homework? 


     A+ Reading Inc. under the tutelage of Ms. Sandra Mashburn, a dedicated reading specialist, and learning disabilities educator is able to offer a comprehensive "individualized" program for your child in a direct one-on-one setting.    


Private Tutoring

Remediation and Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Educational Testing

     It is encouraged that each student is given a screening battery of tests, in reading, math, and/or writing.  The evaluation is conducted in a one-on-one environment, providing the evaluator an accurate assessment and an opportunity to observe such behaviors as:

                                            * How the student answers questions?

                                            * Attention span?

                                            * Frustration level?

                                            * Basic work habits?

                                            * Body language indicators?

     Based on testing; recommendations will be provided for the student and a course of remediation will be outlined.  Convenient schedules are established for your child year-round.

     If you have tried other tutoring facilities with little or no success, contact A+ Reading Inc. today and let us help you get your child on the right track to better grades with self-confidence and long-term success.