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Andy came home the other day and was excited because he found out his lexile was 1420. He said it was easy because "I used all the stuff Mrs Mashburn taught me. I used the roots when I didn't know the word." Just wanted to let you know you did make a difference.

Annamarie M.

October 21, 2015

My son has struggled with reading. Miss Mashburn evaluated him and believed he had convergence insufficiency. We took him to a Dr. and that was his diagnosis. He went for therapy and that issue was corrected. He was reading below grade level...he progressed to grade level...and now is reading above grade level. He has gone from failing grades to A's, B ' s and C's. The A+ team is A+!

Ronald D.

February 17, 2016 

I met Ms. Mashburn through another parent and I am very thankful that I listened. Mrs. Mashburn and her team were extremely helpful for both of my sons. I literally begged her to take my sons. I had paid thousands to Sylvan and they helped some but it wasn't enough. Thanks to Ms. Mashburn she identified my sons learning disabilities which she strongly recommended we have professionally tested for confirmation. After many years we knew what our son’s problems were they had "Auditory Processing Disorders." With that information and others A+ Reading worked wonders especially in also helping my youngest son in his diagnosis of Asperger's. Life is still not easy but it is so much better thanks to her. The specialized programs and personal care has helped our oldest to where he is doing great in school. The youngest is also, they no longer require A+ services but the knowledge she is there just in case is real peace of mind. Thank you A+ Reading for saving my boys and identifying their real medical disorders that their doctors, IEP teams, psychologists and others failed to identify after many years.

Sherri J.

​February 7, 2016

A+ reading and Ms. Mashburn and her staff have truly been a blessing for my son. In just 2 short years he has went from a complete non-reading child to getting A's and B's in school. She knows how to teach all types of children from kids with no academic or social delays to children with social and academic delays such as my son. I want to say thank you for everything that you have done thus far and I look forward to continued success!!!! A++++++

Ashley M.

February 17, 2016

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A+ Reading has helped my child succeed in school. His reading level has increased 2 grade levels in a short time. A+ Reading has changed our lives. We no longer dread homework! Thank you A+ Reading!!

Olivia P.
February 17, 2016 

Sandra Mashburn is a genius!!!! When it comes to teaching and influencing children she is masterful. My son went from failing all classes to being on the honor roll in less than one year! She is a motivational master when it comes to behavior change in children. I wish I could apply her secrets to my clients. Then executives can finally get what they need from their people.

Sam C.


Mere words cannot express our gratitude for all the hours and the effort your teachers put into preparing our daughter, Nina, for her school's 9th grade writing assessment. Not only did she pass with flying colors, but was told hers had been the best essay of the class. As parents, we have always been so appreciative of all you have done for her academically, but more importantly, we are SO grateful for the confidence which you all have instilled in her. Where we knew she was capable of doing well with the assessment, it was your time and dedication which made her believe it too. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

Mets S.
April 30, 2016